Pink Flower - Blossom

Owain Paciuszko 29/05/2009

Rating: 3/5

Twee meets post-punk, maybe this is post-twee, or twunk? Blossom begins by flittering between call-and-response cries of; 'You can sing...' 'What you like!' before distorting into a pounding piano/bass line that seems on the verge of uplift, before cutting itself short. It is, at best, hard to second guess.

Peach begins with a sweet piano refrain and a clickety-clack percussion sound, whilst the lyrics 'Every night she goes out to kiss the stars' are repeatted over and over, it's a cutesy but heart-warming start to a track that, suddenly turns into another pounding piano-bass line that seems on the verge of uplift, before cutting itself short. Unfortunately this became rather predictable.

Twillow begins with a sweet piano refrain, then, thankfully, goes a bit Muse-lite, all swirling vocals and melodies layered over one another. It does go momentarilarly pounding piano-bassy towards the end but inverts upon itself, switching back to that sweet refrain for a few moments.

This sense of deja vu is kind of indicative of the strengths and flaws of Pink Flower, they've got ideas and execution, but they keep falling on the same tricks that at first surprise but quickly become tired. It's like a horror film that keeps on using 'false scares' and when the real shocks come along you're desensitized. None of the songs here are really given a chance to - ironically - blossom, and the whole thing feels a bit cut short as a result. But, saying all that, these are nice little saplings that hopefully will one day bud.