The Hush Now - Contrails

Richard Wink 17/05/2010

Rating: 4/5

My last encounter with The Hush Now resulted in me writing the band off as Lamacq fodder; meaningless, throwaway indie pop, audio candy for the art school crowd. I'd like to give the band a second chance - they are of course all of the things I have mentioned, but perhaps that's a good thing.

'Contrails' bounds into life like an energetic Doberman running across a stony beach. Noel Kelly's nasal delivery fits the ungainly nature of the song, with the pounding rhythm crossing a hint of Moog. By creating a stomp, the single gives us reason to jump with joy, presenting the kind of wayward smiling indie-pop that was a staple part of the fag end of the Britpop years.

We're a little late in getting to this one (single release date was mid-January) but there is enough to suggest that The Hush Now's second album Constellations is worth a listen.

Release Date: Out Now