Euros Childs - Cheer Gone

Rhian Daly 05/11/2008

Rating: 4/5

It's always confusing when artists sound like they're from a different time period than they actually are, yet also utterly brilliant too. Euros Childs' ticks that box many times over, with his strange and unique voice and vocal delivery sounding as if it's straight out of the 50s/60s. This is no bad thing though as it is so intriguing and compelling it renders you useless until the record is over. Also slightly confusing is the fact that, despite being thoroughly Welsh, Euros Childs occasionally sounds ridiculously American. Maybe it's just the music that he makes that puts that idea in your head, with it sounding like some of the best US alt.folk around.

Cheer Gone is eleven tracks of aural gold. Each song is beautiful in its own individual way. Nineteen Fifties fades out before it's finished, Always Thinking of Her is a short piano interlude with soft vocals over the top. Saving Up to Get Married is a sweet story offset with complimentary guitars and bass whereas album closer Sing Song Song is an almost bluegrass skiffle.

All in all, Euros Childs has created a magical record that hooks you in and then spits you (delicately) out once it's done. It's a record of beauty and mystery, one that you need in your record collection.