One-Two - Love Again

Holly Barnes 30/07/2006

Rating: 3/5

Despite producing some of the world's worst music…. EVER (volumes 1-96), France has also given us some magnificent one-hit-wonders (Lady by Modjo is THE sound of summer) and idiosyncratic electro-pop from the likes of Air and Daft Punk. So are Parisian duo One-Two the crème de la crème or the bottom of the barrel? Their debut album, 'Love Again', fizzes with catchy melodies and crisp production, edging them just into the former camp. Opener Oh Yeah, Alright contrasts slightly raspy lead vocals with falsetto backing (sample lyric: "Oh yeah, alright, I'm feeling so dizzy, it's alright") in an amalgam of cheesy euro-pop, fashionista electro and We Are Scientists-type guitar rhythms. Continuing in a similar vein, Heady Melody is the sound of a long-legged beauty strutting her way through the streets of Paris in the middle of a heatwave. Heads are turning, sunglasses are being raised for a better view of her and sunlight is melting the tarmac. A sultry fuzzed bassline and a relentless riff are reflecting oppressive heat here, while managing to still be pretty sensual. O-hot Brain is The Rapture mixed with LCD Soundsystem, but, like, French, while Blissful Boy is delicate, beautifully harmonised, acoustic guitar pop. One-Two are not one-trick ponies and Have You Ever Been Blue? is a more lo-fi offering, recalling the type of dinky, laptop electro-pop peddled by King of Convenience Erlend Oye on his solo effort Unrest. Until female vocals enter, closer The End Of Your Song bears more than a passing resemblance to the beautiful incidental music of Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, and as such is probably one of the triumphs of this album. One-Two are hardly kick-starting another French Revolution, with a record that will probably reach its sell-by in Autumn, but for now 'Love Again' is pure fun- to be enjoyed, not mused over.