The Reverse - A Clean Incision

Mike Caulfield 14/10/2006

Rating: 3/5

Mixing moments of shoe gazing, some new romantic class, with a drop of Robert Smith despair and the result is the sullen tones of North London's The Reverse. Being bred on a diet of glass-half full guitar bands from the eighties seems to have affected singer Nathan Loughran a fair bit: there is hardly a flicker of sunlight to be found throughout 'A Clean Incision', substituted instead for a comforting melancholy that will be heard blaring out of bed-sit windows up and down the country for some time.

Although The Reverse have been together for a number of years, writing and releasing records under various guises, this is their first “proper” release, 'A Clean Incision' is still a mature collection of downbeat pop songs with some beautiful moments scattered throughout and should appeal to any inward looking music fan around.