The Rapture - People Don’t Dance No More

Paul Cook 20/12/2006

Rating: 3/5

Weaving inadvertently between genres, The Rapture's new single 'People don't dance no more' is a seamlessly blended marriage of indie and electro-disco-punk. Imagine Franz Ferdinand fused with The Automatic and you might conjure up, a similar sound in your mind. Taken from the band's second full-length album, this track is charged with energy and instantaneously catchy.

The four-piece band from New York have crafted a high-tempo track which on-paper sounds likely to fail, but the mixture of instruments has become their trademark sound. Lest we forget, they were at the forefront of the post-punk revival in the late 90's. 'People don't dance no more' is exemplary of this unique sound with the use of cow bells, electronic sound effects and wood instruments which merge well with the typical guitar and drum combinations.

Inspired by acts like The Von Bondies and The Cure, The Rapture are an understated and talented band who have a sound that's entirely their own, which is a rare thing to discover in such a commercial market. It seems that bands like this seem die away after momentary success; unfortunately I can't see a much different different for The Rapture.

Released 5/12/06