Cary Brothers - Four (sampler)

Owain Paciuszko 26/06/2008

Rating: 2/5

Zach Braff soundtrack stalker Cary Brothers teases us with this album sampler of his impending 'Who You Are', which is also the name of the single, and it's a fairly light Snow Patrol-ish pop-rock song that would suit that end of 'Scrubs' montage/moral to a tee. Second track 'Ride', featured on the soundtrack to 'The Last Kiss' (starring Zach Braff), is a Pop-era U2 B-side, whether that's a compliment or not is entirely up to you. Cary Brothers' acoustic routes are evident and the production's lack of imagination suggests a certain uncomfortableness more than a dearth of talent; for example, whoever thought to mangle his competent voice in a synth-effect is a moron. Third track 'Blue Eyes', featured on the soundtrack to 'Garden State' (starring Zach Braff) and despite really liking that soundtrack I'd completely forgotten about this song and I will do again in four minutes and nineteen seconds. This thrill-a-minute album sampler closes with 'If You Were Here' which hasn't been on the soundtrack to a Zach Braff movie... yet... It further showcases the kind of so-so, forgettable pop leanings that Cary Brothers seems content to amble about in. But still, Zach Braff seems to like it.