Rose Kemp - Mini-album

Thomas 31/10/2005

Rating: 4/5

Rose Kemp's an interesting one. Still only 20, see her live and she'll be on the floor singing through a throat microphone or looping her voice five times into a cacophonous sound attack that feels like it's going to throw you through the back wall. Yet on this seven track record, amongst the hard edges and bursts of noise, a gentle spirit runs through everything, one that speaks of trouble getting out of bed and feels like needing to be loved. Expertly balancing soft verses carried by the natural strength and purity of her voice with shuddering guitars and clever use of effects, the best parts here recall both Gemma Hayes' delicious 2002 album 'Night On My Side' and brooding, teeth-baring eyeshadow queen Carina Round. If there are any complaints, they'd only be to note some elementary guitar playing (although this matters less with each listen) and the tinny mp3-like sound distortion on the recording. Not sure if this in the shops (try Rose's website) but it's one of the most interesting mini-albums you're likely to hear for some time, its shifting colours summed up by its first two tracks, 'Violence' sitting next to 'Birdsong', with neither track happy to be categorised or give itself away until the fourth or fifth listen. Full bodied of voice, sure-footed yet human and best of all unafraid, the only way should be up for this talented young artist, and the acclaim is starting to mount. Why not get on board while there's still room?