Oasis - Stop The Clocks

Paul Cook 04/12/2006

Rating: 3/5

According to Noel Gallagher if he hadn't have selected the tracklisting for 'Stop the Clocks', the first Oasis greatest hits album, it would have been 'shit.' It's a good thing he did then because this album is not just a greatest hits album - it's a reminder of how triumphant this Britpop band has been. Indeed Oasis were recently named as winners of the Brits' outstanding contribution to music award which they are due to receive in February next year.

Noel Gallagher's selection of songs for "Stop The Clocks.." is a mixed bag of nostalgic classics such as 'Some might say', 'Wonderwall', 'Champagne Supernova' and 'Don't look back in anger' and lesser known but not misguided choices such as 'Morning Glory', 'Supersonic' and 'Talk Tonight.' It's listening to these less popular, frequently played B-side tracks that make Oasis a good band, not a great band. To leave out a hugely popular and personal favourite of mine, 'Fucking in the Bushes' was a big mistake on Noel's part.

Including the tracks 'Lyla' and 'The importance of being idle' from the newest album was also a decision that bulks out the album, and draws attention and appreciation away from their far better tracks. They have a different sound to that of previous albums and although the riffs and lyrics are undeniably catchy, they somehow seem out of place.

Despite these imperfections the album is on the whole a joy to listen to, with sing-a-long tracks such as 'Don't look back in anger' and 'Wonderwall.' For Oasis fans this album is simply a confirmation of the band's talent, both lyrically and musically. For those that don't like Oasis the album is reason to believe they're wrong. With eighteen tracks spanning the band's full 15 year history 'Stop the Clocks' is well worth the retail price, but some of Gallagher's choices may disappoint you.