Ben Harper - Better Way

Natasha Footman 26/03/2006

Rating: 4/5

This song is pure Ben Harper.

It starts off with an Indian sound equipped with a sitar, and suddenly we're sitting in a mosque with out feet crossed, with people smoking bongs all around us and the air hot and dry. Then his voice begins to sing and we're transported somewhere else with a lazy American-Asian sound, and we are 'enlightened'. Well, not quite, but 'Better Way' is such a great listening experience with its laid-back beats and Harper's soothing then squeaking voice reminding us all of his talent at diversity. 'I believe in a better way' he sings, promoting optimism and self-assurance, and we all know that his way is definitely better.

Harper has prepared a treat for us. This song is the opening track to his accomplished new double disc album Both Sides Of The Gun, fully loaded and set for great success.