Cosmo Jarvis - Gay Pirates

Dominic Valvona 03/02/2011

Rating: 3.5/5

Just in case you needed any clarification - as if the title didn't already give the game away - Gay Pirates tells the woeful and wry tale of two shipmates consummate love for one another, aboard a cut-throat gallon. Not quite the pained equivalent of Brokeback Mountain, or frigging in the rigging pastiche; but more an affectionate witty narrative on the torrid of abuse meted out to two lovelorn romantics.
Ironically the intolerance on board spews out into lashings, beatings and even forced sodomy, “I want one night with no gang-rape, but I won't hold my breath!”

Charmingly introduced on a jolly delicate mandolin; this 18th century navel ensemble theatre production piece, breaks out into military revue bombastic drums and infectious choral soaring shout of, “Yo-ho, Sebastian, I wanna love you good, we deserve much better then we've had”.

Condemned to finishing up at the bottom of the salty ocean floor, our tragic lovers can at least look forward to spend an eternity tied together in there fate.

Rated - by amongst others, Brian Eno - for his ability to concatenate together both melodically and erudite interesting pop songs, complimented by visual storylines and vignettes; Cosmo Jarvis, the American troubadour now residing in Devon, constructs modern poetic facetious prose on popular culture.
Jarvis's next album, Is The World Strange Or Am I, is due out later this year.