Kate Nash - Caroline’s A Victim

Bruce Turnbull 16/02/2007

Rating: 2/5

On the basis of everything I've heard thus far, little Miss Kate Nash seems to have a very creative mind, and quite a talent for genre bending. Now, unfortunately she isn't blessed with the world's greatest voice; but when the vocal 'melodies' are performed in a style talking would surpass, this matters not. From her forthcoming debut album, new single “Caroline's A Victim” is nothing short of egregious at first. Whilst I had expected something similar to her compatriot Lilly Allen, I was surprised to discover an electronic tirade which relies heavily on the work of programmed synthesisers. Talent cuts from this girl like double glazing. Vocally, she is more annoying than Jade Goody, yet in her awesome delivery, she has the ability to convert even the most cynical of music lovers - you're listening to one whinge right now.

Perhaps I've missed the point entirely, but the title track in particular reminds me of Public Image Ltd's morose epic “Flowers of Romance”. The sharp vocal pattering, the explosive electronic percussion, and the genuinely haunting ambience is remarkably similar, and in complete contradiction to the acoustic melodrama of b-side “Birds”, Nash's new single only demonstrates how wide her creative talents can spread. Her observational storytelling and modern pop culture references read like lyrical prose on the aforementioned “Birds” - which is far more akin to what we'd expect from Miss Allen - but ultimately, the mellifluous ideas become crass upon understanding, and I can only conclude solemnly, that I've heard this all before.