Fen Tigers - We Are All Diluted

Owain Paciuszko 05/03/2009

Rating: 3/5

This sparky 4-Track EP is saturated in the 80s influenced post-punk vibe that is permeating so many recent acts of the past few years. Whilst this is a bright, pleasant listen with good instrumentation and decent lyrics, it's not particularly inspired or bringing anything knew to a mixture that's been re-produced and mass-marketed again and again of late.

So we have whiffs of Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys and a dash of Art Brut on Glamorama's spoken mid-section, fortunately for Fen Tigers they don't quite come across as imitators and could probably garner attention when these more known bands are taking breaks, but hopefully this EP sees them playing around, finding their feet and then they can move on and develop a more individual and original personality beyond these well produced, well played early efforts.