My American Heart - Boys Grab Your Guns

Max Flintoff 28/02/2008

Rating: 2/5

This is the second single from My American Heart's second album 'Hiding Inside The Horrible Weather' and to be perfectly honest I'm surprised they've survived that long considering that they sound like they could be any other pop-punk band. They seem to have survived because their music is so generic that they would sound like one of the worse songs of bands like Cute Is What we Aim For and The Academy Is… and if you replaced front-man Larry Soliman's voice with that of Hayley Williams then you'd have a Paramore track. So is there anything truly unique about this track? The answer is a no but it's not all bad, it's the sort of track that you can imagine tapping your toes to if it came on the radio but if somebody were to ask you if you've heard the track then you'd draw a blank and might mistake it for something else.

The only redeeming feature in this otherwise fairly boring track is Soliman's voice, it actually contains some feeling of emotion and passion for the music that they are playing. It's just a shame that he's stuck in a band with very little genuine creativity or daring to try something new with their music, they borrow drum beats and guitar riffs from other bands and compile them into tracks that appear to have very little meaning The start of this track also reminds me so much of the opening of Paramore's 'Misery Business' that I find it hard to try and recognise that this song is original.

I decided that I shouldn't judge the band solely on this track, as it is the first I've heard, so I checked out their myspace to hear more and my thoughts about this track do in fact spread to their other work. I even discovered that they have a song entitled Tired and Uninspired which, for me, all too much described their music