The Rhythm Method - The Front EP

Owain Paciuszko 24/10/2008

Rating: 3/5

Opening with the aptly yet oxymoronically named 'Sunshine Lazy' The Rhythm Method's new five track EP is a shimmering, summery record that is slightly more hyperactive than the 'Lazy' tag would suggest!

They combine a range of influences and genres into a danceable, swaggering whole in a similar vein to Head Automatica. Second track 'Bow Down Selector' has even more of the Head Automatica vibe to it with its retro space-age synths and jelly-wobbly guitar licks.

'Time's Not Waiting' swerves the record off into baggy-indie territory, reminding me of now - sadly - defunct Watford act Mohair. The Rhythm Method appear to specialise in changing gears enough to keep the interest, whilst the songs themselves don't really leap out of the speakers - sometimes they sound a bit too much like others - it's a confident little record with enough imagination (The Muppety backing vocals on the title track) sprinkled over everything.

Final track 'The New Crusaders' flirts with reggae and soul, it's an easy, laid-back charming close to the album that takes some nice twists and turns on its three and a half minute journey.