The So So Glos - Tourism / Terrorism

Richard Wink 05/02/2010

Rating: 4/5

Reminding me of a lewd cross between The Libertines and Black Lips, Brooklyn's The So So Glos are a good time band, the kind of group that rock that party until the early hours, and then in the first throes of the sunlit morning you find yourself cautiously stepping over their slumbering torsos as they lay sprawled out on the kitchen floor.

The most touching element about this mini album is that the band is unapologetically in love with where they are from. Each track contains references to the community they are deeply involved in. 'My Block' is a charming little number; somewhat reminiscent of the mythology conjured on Up the Bracket. 'Throw Your Hands Up' creates a US equivalent of the good ship Albion as vocalist Alex Levine cries “I was sailing on the island of Manhattan”.

The other key influence seems to be early Elvis Costello, 'Isn't It A Shame' recalls the wonder, and spit shine of My Aim Is True. Off key, scrappy, the band are imperfect, however it works. 'Execution' continues the Libs-apeing, though the primal magnetism prevents the scratch from this critic's pointy dagger.

I imagine a lot of kids will be inspired by The So So Glos, the sense of togetherness and brotherhood is endearing, and enticing. They preach a simple philosophy - Form a band, find a PA, sort out a location and start something special.