Lazy-B - Lazy-B TV

Thomas 16/07/2006

Rating: 3/5

First of all: hidden tracks. We have all sat with our fingers going numb on the fast forward button til it gets dark outside, just to hear what someone's 'generously' tacked on to the end of their record. To the artists we say simply, MAKE IT WORTH THE WAIT.

Ninety seconds of a forgettable beat and a voice repeating the word "digital" is barely more acceptable than that Robbie Williams LP where half an hour of silence ends with the bastard's voice saying "Sorry, I'm not doing one on this album".

Anyway, back to Lazy-B, "a mysterious creative visionary from another country" apparently, who's constructed an unusual record dominated by spoken word samples taking pot-shots at modern society. Crucially it is often funny, particularly on lead single 'Underwear Goes Inside The Pants', a US comedian's stand-up routine set to music, taking in drug policy, judging the homeless and Bill Gates' schooldays.
However, the music itself - a synth-backed mixture of dance beats and laid back rhythms - isn't strong enough to avoid being completely overwhelmed by the samples and is therefore rendered strangely redundant.

The samples range from a flow of obscure facts to jokes about gender wars to self-help speeches, and it's up to you exactly how much of the latter you want to take seriously.

Late on, there are some honest and genuine soundbites on the titular subject in 'It's All About Love' but it's too late to save the record as a whole from being, whilst refreshingly different in form, a somewhat one-dimensional experience.

LazyB is set to release his debut single 'Underwear Goes Inside the Pants' on 14th July which will be followed by his longplayer debut 'LazyB TV' on 28th August. If you are unable to wait that long LazyB is offering a free track to download. Lifted from his forthcoming album 'LazyB TV' released in early August the track is called 'Facts of Life' and you can download it here:

Facts of Life Download

LazyB's official site: