Undercut - A Bit Of Education

Matt Clutton 19/07/2006

Rating: 3/5

Undercut's latest single 'A Bit Of Education' draws from lead singer Johnny Benn's not too distant altercation with a would be mugger. Littered with lyrical references to the incident and an over baring shroud of teenage angst and determination Benn bursts forth with a wanton need to release an inner anger which has finally reached boiling point. Benn's bitter-sweet, crackly voice tops the ample use of power chords, and accompanied by a pounding accompaniment on drums by Matt Albon, hits the roof at the first whiff of the tracks chorus.

Much of Undercut's instrumental composition and vocal overlay reveals a close similarity, all be it with a gritty British indie-rock edge, to the music of Australian alternative rock band Silverchair, particularly the singles b-side track 'Close Your Eyes'. Undercut spin out songs strong enough to crack the charts, yet the band plays them with the spontaneity of an after-school jam, showing there's certain promise here.