Bodies of Work - Better Sorry Than Safe

Laura Prior 08/05/2009

Rating: 3.5/5

London's Bodies of Work are a band who get their five-a-day. They eat apples on the cover, they eat apples in the video and they…err, eat musical apples in their new single, Better to be Sorry Than Safe, which bursts with vim and vigour. Released on Sweden's Tigerspring label, the opening piano bars recall a mix of Stellastarr* and New Order, and like exclamation mark molesters ˇForward Russia! and Los Campesinos!, comes with girls and boys sing/shouting in unison, and unabashed catchiness.

The lush, frantic marching-band drums and urban harmonising lend the song an air of Arcade Fire drinking alcopops with Million Dead, which is not only an obvious complement, but an image to saviour. With all the steaming piles of Green Day in the world selling millions and pleasing Big Wigs/Fat Cats/Bankers/Bono no end, it makes sense to stick up for the little squirts who deserve to hit the big-time. This is way above-par indie performed with conviction and passion. An assault on the senses it may be, but it's better to be bold than shit.

Bodies of Work will release their debut album this summer. Upcoming tour dates and more can be found on their MySpace.