InMe - I Won't Let Go

Daniel Smith 16/09/2007

Rating: 2/5

It's almost impossible to predict which songs in an artist's repertoire will eventually reach the coveted status of the 'live favourite' - sometimes it's their best-selling single, others it's a seemingly insignificant B-side given away free on a single during a creative dry spell. InMe's latest effort, 'I Won't Let Go', however, doesn't like the odds it faces in this respect and has its eyes set squarely on the prize, that is, being on the lips of a million festival goers.

The track has been built around a purposely easy to remember screamo chorus. The problem is, the said chorus, with its central refrain of 'won't let go, never gonna let go', begs it's audience to indulge it with a sing along just a little too hard. It's very true that in the context of a live show, much fun can be had by shouting song lyrics back at their authors in a drunken stupor, but this studio cut comes off as little more than a dress rehearsal for such an occasion.

The best moments in music history have always been spontaneous, and, as an artist, having a hundred thousand people sing your songs back at you simultaneously is your ultimate reward for years of hard graft and paying your dues. Unfortunately, InMe's apparent attempt to save themselves such an inconvenience by releasing pre-meditated 'festival fodder' has given birth to a single that, on record at least, leaves a lot to be desired.