Delta Maid

Alex Yau 06/02/2011

Delta Maid is an up and coming Liverpudlian solo artist. Unconventionally, she opts for a more grassroots blues and country sound, which was mainly influenced by her family and their record collection. Her sound resonates She has supported artists such as Ellie Goulding. God is in the TV Zine caught up with her at the Ruby Lounge before her show with the Coral.

GIITVZ: You recorded your EP at Toe Rag Studios looking for a lo fi sound. Would you carry on using that sound in your recordings or opt for different ones as your career progresses?

Delta Maid: It's funny because the EP was a stepping stone to the album. The album is more progressive because the EP was done in one take. I try and capture that essence of being quite
organic and raw with the album, but it's a little more embellished than the EP. I still want to keep everything quite fresh though.

GIITVZ: You've spoken about gaining a lot of influence from your parent's record collection and your brother has recorded with you quite a lot. Would you stick with that deep, emotional family connection?

DM: Definitely. They're (parents) always actively looking for new artists, as I am. Me and my brother are always sharing because we've got similar tastes and we've been brought up listening to the same stuff. I've used my brother quite a lot and the connection's just there. Growing up and playing together means he knows what sound you want.

GIITVZ: Do you feel that, without your brother, the emotional connection would be lost in the overall sound of the music?

DM: Partly yes, throughout my career I'd always want to use them. He's always been so instrumental in the sound I've created. He's the one that got me into guitar playing and that blues-y sound so yes, something would be lost.

GIITVZ: How do you feel about artists such as Ellie Goulding who very much started out as folk artists, but then opted for a more electronic and highly produced sound?

DM: I really like Ellie. I don't think I would ever do that because I'm rooted in the acoustic sound. You never know in the future, but that's not for me but I appreciate artists like that.

GIITVZ: When you supported her, did you exchange ideas on the folk side of music?

DM: She was really busy because it was the iTunes festival so I only spoke to her for ten minutes. I hadn't really heard of her till the festival, but I much prefer her more organic folky sound. I really appreciate what she does though.

GIITVZ: What themes will you touch upon in your upcoming album?

DM: It's quite a melancholy album. All the songs were written since being 19. I've sat on them for a while. They include songs about my own personal life, highs and lows. They may develop as time goes on.

GIITVZ: You studied Vascular Science at University. How was it juggling this with music?

DM: Whilst I was working at Wythenshaw Hospital, my music started getting noticed more but theywere both very demanding. Obviously music won. This is my lifelong dream and I'm living it. I never had a deal so I had to take a chance. It was a difficult choice but I'm glad I did it.

GIITVZ: Would any of your songs feature biology or vascular science>

DM: Well I've got one but I'm afraid to show it anyone. It's got a biological theme. The knowledge is in there and it does go into the writing.

Delta releases her debut single, 'Of My Own' on May 1st. The album, 'Outside Looking In' is set for release on May 9th through Geffen/Future Records.

Delta Maid plays:

Tue 1st LONDON, Wheelbarrow
Tue 8th LONDON, Wheelbarrow
Fri 11th LONDON, Barfly (HMV Next Big Thing)
Tue 15th LONDON, Wheelbarrow
Tue 22nd LONDON, Wheelbarrow