Seafood - Signal Sparks

Alex Worsnip 24/07/2006

Rating: 2/5

A few years ago, Seafood made a few truly great singles, the best of which, 'Cloaking', was a ferocious punch of a song, all taut guitars and controlled, focused and directed rage. Since this time they have gradually mellowed out. There were always quieter tracks on their albums, and they were often the most beautiful. But 'Signal Sparks' is the kind of quiet-loud compromise that fills neither spot and leaves you profoundly disengaged as a result. It has a kind of bland, anthemic quality to its chorus, which rollicks ahead at mid-pace, like Snow Patrol with designs to be U2. It's still topped off by David Line's gorgeous voice, and shows its knack for an aching melodic turn during the bridge that leads up to the chorus, but we've heard it all employed to much better effect before.