Dust - Discordia EP

Tim Miller 02/12/2007

Rating: 3/5

Dust, evidently with one eye on 2008, release a fairly monstrous 6-track EP at the late end of a year which has seen the trio finalise its line-up, outgrow their already loyal local fan base and set their sights on a nationwide tour and further releases in the next 12 months.

Remaining in the present, Discordia is an appropriate title for their debut EP. The majority of songs, unsurprisingly for a band who cite System of a Down and Muse as two of their biggest influences, contain just enough menace, jarring riffs and thundering rhythms so that no one could fail to take them seriously.

For just three members, too, Dust make a hell of a racket. Frontman Dave Lynam's guitars are awash with fuzz distortion, yet the switching between squealing intricacies and calamitous riffs seem effortlessly natural, the solid sound underpinned by an equally fierce bass. The often-flayed drums also take on a tribal feel, particularly on stand out track World Of Green, and the bitter closer Mr & Mrs Jekyll.

Discordia also has moments of pop rock sensibilities: Bats In The Belfry is perhaps the most straightforward track here with its melodic looping riff. But largely, Dust's is a sound that fires on all systems, and though at the moment lyrically deficient, this most accomplished of meetings between metal and rock makes for a storming debut release.