Subliminal Girls - Burn Koko/Mirror

Matt Churchill 24/06/2007

Rating: 2/5

An overt attack on the fashionistas and 'trendies' that have flooded the 'indie' scene, 'Burn Koko' is electronic pop punk pouring out scorn and disapproval. As the title suggests, the scene is set in Camden's Koko where NME reading girls from Kensington go to see “The latest next best thing”. “Burn Koko to the ground/Send them all back to Ministry Of Sound” urge the band; as if it would be listened to by the audience their hatred and bile is aimed towards in the first place, snide synths and overly distorted guitars and all.

The B-Side 'Mirror', is a further comment on bandwagon jumping that sees the Sublimina Girls move onto 'Authentic Indie' types: “I've got my Epiphone Dot 'cuz I'm so fucking indie/I got my pork pie hat to cover up my lack of style”.

It could be possible that Subliminal Girls have missed a trick here - whilst trying to avoid being shoe-horned into a category that would make them instantly appealing to the groups they don't want anything to do with, they have rather mysteriously made themselves sound like a poor Pulp tribute act.

The tracks are available to download via Napster, 7Digital, Tesco, Woolworths, Juno and as a 7” vinyl from selected outlets.