Tori White - Who If Not You

Matt Churchill 06/12/2007

Rating: 4/5

Tori White returns with her latest single 'Who If It's Not You',a funked up three and a half minute beam of light on a dark and rainy day. The sultry singer has a growing reputation within the pop world and provides a fresh punch with this latest effort.

Complete with brass stabs and a swagger of a bass line, Tori's vocals are allowed to soar as she pushes her talents into a territory that her previous single, the soft ballad 'Please Remember', restricted.

The song is upbeat, easy-to-groove-to and has radio potential. With a dynamic shift musically from verse to chorus of overly happy to overwhelmingly ecstatic, the lyrics tell a tale of losing out to another contender for the affections of her heart.

At just 19 years old Tori is showing a maturity that goes beyond her tender years. She's already sung in front of the Queen and a 16,000 strong audience at the Royal Albert Hall. She looks set to have a bright future and with more songs like this, could indeed 'make it'.

Released: 17/12/2007