Foals - Blue Blood

Luke Langlands 31/10/2010

Rating: 4/5

In twenty-years time when music aficionados are looking back at what soundtrack defined the hedonistic, paranoia-filled, social-networked world of the 2010's, they will think: Foals, who represent our iPod-touting, Add-me-as-a-friend, Twittered-out world better than any other band around right now.

Lifted from their Mercury Music nominated album Total Life Forever, this latest single Blue Blood is immediately recognisable as a song from Foals stock; yet, it still feels just different enough to keep the listener's intrigue. The single is a deluge of gorgeous synthesizers, with bass-lines flooding the catchy-chorus chasm. Yannis Philippakis' vocals work as the frame that holds together this tour de force - he recites beautifully fragile lyrics that are brutally honest but not overpowering or sanctimonious - they feel raw and, crucially, genuine.

Foals aren't just an enigma wrapped in a riddle that's shrouded by mystery…they're also kept in a bank vault guarded by psychopathic robots…on Mars - getting into them is as difficult as getting the waist-line of your jeans on par with Simon Cowell's, but once you do, you're blessed. They've grown up and matured at the same time as their fanbase - so get ready for their 2060 release: Foals - Blue Rinse.