The Bridge Gang - Blue Sky Grey

Graham Slee 23/09/2006

Rating: 4/5

The London Borough of Hackney's finest grungy threesome unleash their 2nd 7 incher, and what a shiny little gem of retro-poppery it is. Straying considerably from the rockier Nirvana-bound path they usually tread, Blue Sky Grey is the sonic equivalent of tripping (no, not the acid type) through sun-dappled woods. But this wouldn't be The Bridge Gang without something dark creeping through the undergrowth - 'No man so tall, came so small. Never my cause to break your will'. Delightfully simple, insidiously catchy.

By stark contrast, the coupling is The Gang's ferocious, sometime set-closing cover of Fang's 'The Money Will Roll Right In', all screamed vocals, pounding riffs and cymbals bashed to buggery. An essential purchase, it's very limited, so make sure you snag a copy; this is a band on the up.