Keane - Nothing In My Way

Paul Cook 02/11/2006

Rating: 2/5

Keane's second album 'Under The Iron Sea' looked set to go from strength to strength when it entered the charts at number 1 in June. Of the singles released from the album so far, “Is it any wonder” eached a respectable number three but “Crystal Ball” reached a lowly number 20 at best. It seems as though the promising 2nd album from GQ magazine's Band of the Year is much like its lead singer Tom Chaplin - going down a bumpy road with no definite or optimistic end in sight.

Unfortunately the 3rd release, “Nothing in my way” isn't breaking that trend. With a lack-lustre chorus and forgettable, hard-to-hear lyrics this single is easily the worst from the 3 that have been released so far. Whereas many of the other tracks from 'Under the Iron Sea' have an overuse of synthesisers, this track with it's reminiscent feel of 'Hopes and Fears' reverts back to the use of just drums, piano and voice. Despite its upbeat and optimistic lyrical theme “Nothing in my way” is distant and depressing. The chorus is far from catchy and sounds poorly recorded with a distracting echo throughout.

Although the band have attempted to sell the song with the traditional "Keane sound" there is a distinct lack of atmosphere and emotion to be heard from Chaplin. The piano seems to linger with no fervour and the one thing that Keane's previous successes have thrived on, soaring passionate choruses, is missing also. All in all a very misguided choice as the third release from the album.