Dee Anderson - Mama

Matt Clutton 10/03/2008

Having grown up in the world of celebrity amidst the hype surrounding her parents in the US and the UK, Dee Anderson, offspring of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson soon became accustomed to being in the spot light. Being hailed by many now as the 'Queen Of Jazz' following the release of her debut album
'Th e White Rose', her third single release 'Mama' timed to perfection in it's release in accordance with Mothering Sunday, is a deeply moving track aimed at sharing those heart felt sentiments within us all.

Offering Anderson's usual mix of classic jazz melodies and instrumentation, the sort musical legend Burt Baccarach himself might have penned, this track sees her vocals softly punctuate the air, coming across with a tamed vigour that is reminiscent of a laidback Shirley Bassey, but with a far less garish realisation when it comes to encounters in the flesh.

Released: 03/03/08