Musée Mécanique - Like Home

Richard Wink 25/01/2010

Rating: 5/5

Ever wandered by the river and had a moment? A spiritual awakening where suddenly the sound of traffic dies and your mind is filled not with thoughts, stress and worry but completely vacant, open to take in the tranquillity; this might be known as a moment of contentment. Such moments are often scare, and when they occur they must be cherished

'Like Home' could quite well fit such a juncture, recherché dream pop brewed in Portland, drifting carefully down an isolated, introspective road. What we have is a gloriously constructed tune; one that I imagine was laboured at until borderline perfect. Micah Rabwin and Sean Ogilvie seem to have rummaged about in the attic, and gained inspiration from old records, old photographs and old memories.

B-side 'Under Glass' is a bewildering acoustic track, aided by the added glint of orchestral majesty; the track is at the same time both epic and intimate.

Musée Mécanique showcase the kind of songcraft that inspires and delights, what's scary is that they are likely to unveil even more layers of brilliance in the near future.

Release date 25/01/2010