Shinedown - Second Chance

Nick Lewis 01/08/2009

Rating: 1/5

Well executed American major label MOR rock. It's an earnest chorus with big guitars and strings, with not much in between. “Tell my mother/tell my father/I've done the best I can/to make them realize/this is my life/I hope they understand” runs the chorus, sounding like a particularly angsty teenager about to do something attention seeking. Perhaps that's what it's about, it's hard to tell: the lyrics are so directionless I'm fairly sure front man Brent Smith just picked a load of words he liked, chucked them in a hat and put them together in the order he pulled them out.

Shinedown have allegedly sold over six million records. These must have all been in America as we don't seem to really 'get' this kind of music over here, and I do wish our friends across the pond would stop inflicting it on us. According to the overly long biography on their website, Smith's goal for their new album was for the world to “remember this as a record that needed to be made”. I haven't heard the rest of the album, but if this is the best track, I think the world may take a lot of convincing.

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