Assembly Now - Leigh-On-Sea

Emily Tartanella 29/01/2007

Rating: 4/5

Now, this is just a shame. Assembly Now are utterly fantastic, on the verge of brilliant, but they've just got rotten timing. Sounding eerily like the Futureheads' first album, Assembly Now have the potential to be one of the great new angular rock power-bands. That is, if this was still 2005.

But it's not. Maximo Park have completely disappeared, Bloc Party is becoming the next U2, and people have officially stopped taking the Kaiser Chiefs seriously. It's all new rave and new funk and new whatever. But that won't stop Assembly Now, who make the kind of gorgeous rock music that you only dream about. Not to missed or forgotten, these boys really could've used a time machine.

That's not to say success is impossible. “Leigh-On-Sea” could propel them to success with just one listen, and “Tenement,” while being only a demo, is utterly gorgeous and unforgettable. Sung with complete sincerity yet never with cheese, “Tenement” has the power to be a great new anthem, even if the lyrics are completely unintelligible. I suspect it's something about being poor and fabulous.