Mr Fogg - Seciov

Matt Churchill 28/10/2007

Rating: 3.5/5

It is, of course, amazing what one man can do in his studio given the right time and space and equipment with which to work. Moby, for example, is a prime candidate for the 'genius' category, pioneering the use of computers in modern music to make songs that are born from a mind brimming with ideas.

Mr. Fogg, indeed, is in a similar vein. This latest single, 'Seciov', is a lush offering, with synthesised beats and more keyboard nonsense than a Rick Wakeman convention. The track is brilliantly constructed; layers of sound cohabit without intruding on each other, which allows the song a vast canvass to move around on. The production, naturally, is perfect, and lends itself to the late night ambient house radio shows of Radio One and Xfm.

With a mind full of ideas, Mr. Fogg's next release will be waited for with tight fists and held breath from those fortunate enough to have already heard his cosmic ramblings. A name not to be forgotten.