Turbowolf - Read and Write

Rhian Daly 16/04/2009

Rating: 4/5

Sometimes we journos get faced with records that are so indescribable, its beyond belief. You can sit and scratch your head for hours but no words can be found that would do what is blaring out of your speakers justice. Such is my problem with Turbowolf. And it seems I'm not the only one - according to the press release, Turbowolf have been described as “the kids of Death From Above 1979, ELO, The Stooges, Justice and White Zombie”, a description that can only be the work of overexcited, frustrated writers trying to come up with something, anything that portrays to the reader what this band and record are all about. Justice? Just... what?!
Read and Write and it's flipside even Severed Heads are rock through and through, and we're not talking rainbow striped sticks you get at the beach either. No, this stuff is all about balls-to-the-wall riot-inducing heavy-as-hell rawk. Add to that the fact both tracks have been dressed up with electro touches to lure in soft indie kids like me and trap them with no way out when they realise what they've got themselves into. Cunning.