Ryan Owen 01/02/2004

Rating: 4/5

Some say that Scorsese is on a decline, particularly as Di Caprio has taken over from De Niro's role as his actor. It was also said that the Aviator would be an epic mess, however, the biopic of Howard Hughes life captures the golden age of film-making. Simultaneously, we also see the style of typical Scorsese signatures, such as extreme close-ups seen before in 'Cape Fear' and 'Taxi Driver' and also lighting specific scenes red (as in 'Mean Streets') to suggest Hughes frame of mind.

The Aviator is accomplished film-making, and is enjoyable as we interact by adopting Hughes' perspective, joining him in his ground-breaking inventions and also flying and crashing with him. We are also with him when his world comes crashing down through spiralling debt, and loss of love.

Leonardo Di Caprio doesn't seem to be the most fashionable choice for a lead role, but is perfect, replicating Hughes condition and his mental state to a realistic degree. Di Caprio is sure to gain critical acclaim from this role, and much new-found respect, especially as his next role is another Scorsese project.

Scorsese has made 'Raging Bull', 'Taxi Driver', and 'Goodfellas', all without a best director Oscar, however 'The Aviator' may be the perfect chance to receive one. If this were to happen, it would be seen as a career recognition award as well as acclaim for 'The Aviator', which is a film that will be returned to in years to come and hailed as a classic.