Steve Williams

Joe Coyle 02/02/2011

Steve Williams is a core writer and performer on BBC Three's most successful studio entertainment show Russell Howard's Good News and will shortly embark on his new stand up tour 'Stand Up Story Teller Man'.

The Chortle Award nominee and BBC New Comedy Award finalist has taken three solo shows to the Edinburgh Fringe, all of which garnered considerable critical success. Steve premiered his first solo stand-up show Steve Williams: Excitable at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2006, he returned in 2007 with Steve Williams: Binge Thinking, which was followed by a national tour of Edinburgh and Beyond and in 2008 returned with Steve Williams: The Ultimate Worrier.

Steve is fast becoming a fixture on our Tv and radio. In addition to Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow and Russell Howard's Good News he has appeared on Edinburgh and Beyond (Paramount Comedy), The Comedy Store (Comedy Central) and Jest a Minute (BBC Radio Wales). He has also written for BBC Radio 1's The Milk Run.

Our writer Joe Coyle managed to grab a few minutes with Steve in anticipation of his new tour.

Hi Steve. you're just about to embark on a new tour, so
how long does it take you to put a show together?

I take my inspiration from everywhere and anywhere. From a dog bouncing on a trampoline to a man fighting a hedge. So it takes a bit of time and if my friends red wine and San Miguel pitch in, it can take a whole lot longer.

How easy is it to collaborate with other comedians?

I recently worked with Chris Addison and it was genuinely like talking to your mate down the pub...if you were mates with Chris Addison and your local pub was a west London Theatre.

Did you have a good 2010?

Well. Two series of Russell Howards Good News, learning to scuba dive and meeting Jet from Gladiators. Sweet times!

How did you become a comedian?

I stumbled into it like an alchoholic, tried it, loved it, got addicted and refused to give it up.

What are you upto next?

Obviously the tour, potentially two more series of Russell Howard's Good News and I've just got into Twitter except my name is _stevewilliams_ which is not exactly catchy, 'are you coming down the pub underscore Steve Williams underscore?'

Which comedians who you think will be big in 2011?

Mark Hooper he's flying at the moment and just started work on a new pilot.

How tightly scripted is your show? And how much does improvisation play a part in your comedy?

I like messing about but I also like telling stories so I try and do a bit of both. I'm like a bipolar sat-nav, I see where the mood takes me

Any favourite comedians?

Eddie Izzard. Simply sublime. 

Do you have a favourite joke? If so what is it?

Dyslexic terrorists broke into London zoo and took two ostriches?

What does a working comedians life consist of?

Writing jokes, telling jokes, writing telly jokes, telling writing jokes, and joking writing telly but none of us know what the last one means

Does being Welsh make any difference to your comedy?

I'm not sure. I guess when you're from a country full of nutters like Wales you're going to be influenced. To the Welsh Gavin & Stacey is a documentary.

Thanks to Steve for talking to us. Steve is on tour with his brand-new solo show Stand Up Storyteller Man. For details see: or talk to Steve on Twitter _stevewilliams_