Rise Against - Ready To Fall

Sam Floy 10/10/2006

Rating: 3/5

The rebellious name is a fitting description for this Chicago Four. They use a mixture of skater and hardcore punk to get their deep, hidden meanings across to the gathering clan of followers. They have also been appreciated by gamers as Rise Against feature on Tony Hawk's Underground, Burnout 3, Need For Speed Underground 2 and many more. When you listen, you will realise that style supports the adrenaline pumping 'sport' of Burnout. The bellicose chants get you raring to go; feeding your road rage excessively and successfully.

However, Ready to Fall is not another song by an anarchist, uneducated American group that are anti-war, anti-peace, anti-everything - they use their songs to portray their sincere feelings about issues such as running away from suicide, as in this case.

The instruments throughout the track are played so that the track is always going somewhere, even when the rapid guitars aren't being blared out, Rise Against are still able to keep the song flowing, not stopping and starting like some annoying records seem to - with RA they take you on a 'whistle-stop' journey of pleasure.

'Ready To Fall' then is a decent record, hard-hitting vocals, distinguished chorus and depicts a true variety of emotion from within the lyrics. You can fulminate with testosterone as you drive the Ford GT though open highway whilst being rampantly chased by an array of coppers on Need for Speed 2 or you can feel touched by the solemn lyrics the Chicago Four conjure.

Worth a listen, especially if you're up for a ruckus.