Look See Proof - Do You Think It's Right?

Paul Cook 24/03/2008

Rating: 1.5/5

First off, you absolutely have to get past the accent of the band's singing duo, brothers David and Lee Sells to even attempt to like this band's music. Over the top in their pronunciation of almost every word in the new single Do You Think It's Right, Look See Proof's vocals are borderline annoying but distinguishable. Hailing from Hertfordshire the band supported The Twang and performed at Glastonbury last year with their fast-paced indie-pop sound and teenage-angst lyrics.

Look See Proof are ok at what they do. Fast-paced, energetic teen indie music seems to be all the rage at the moment with literally hundreds of bands having a bash at the lucrative and growing market. Unfortunately Look See Proof are not really even the best of a bad bunch with bands like One Night Only way ahead of them in the charts already. Whilst they're producing such indistinguishable songs like this, Look See Proof could make an early exit from their infantile careers in music. Forgettable lyrics and simplistic instrumentals saturate the band's music with many of their tracks sounding extremely similar.

This song will no doubt appeal to the band's core fan-base but up against the likes of The Cribs and The Maccabees non-fans will almost certainly side with the more established variations of the indie genre rather than Look See Proof's unimaginative indie stylings. Better is surely still to come in 2008 from this band who appear to possess the energy and zest that, paired with more meaningful lyrics and stronger riffs, could make them very, very popular. The debut album due for release in June will definitely be one to watch out for.

Released: 24th March 2008.