The Orange Lights - Let the Love Back In

Bruce Turnbull 21/05/2007

Rating: 3/5

A little closer to home than usual, Newcastle based indie outfit The Orange Lights have crawled out of the ashes of 90s pop sensations The Lighthouse Family. Functioning through the machinations of songwriter/keyboard player Paul Tucker, the light, dulcet tones and supple melodies that cement their sound are far from the radio friendly output of his former band; focusing more on a guitar based sound that isn't a million miles away from the likes of The Verve and Radiohead.

A good choice as first single - one that will no doubt bring sharp focus - “Let the Love Back In” is extremely reminiscent of Brand New, particularly in the plodding, enveloping musical interplay. Long, monotonous vocal lines and gentle building in pace protect this song from sounding blasé as it develops. Jason Hart's vocal stylings are as dark and uninviting as you'd imagine, yet they spark the music into a potent conflagration of mood and texture. Edging the authenticity along is the splendid production. Chris Lord-Alge's spacey mix is beneficial to its credibility too, making the songs themselves sound riddled with despondency. Things look very promising for The Orange Lights - this single's B-side “My Guardian Angel” being even more involving than the lead - so maybe the tree of good fortune will blossom early. I'm sure Global Warming will help it along.