Peter Derzbach - Deni/Song For Tom

Tim Miller 04/08/2006

Rating: 1/5

The surname Derzbach has more of a classical composer ring to it; Austrian perhaps, maybe Czech or German. However, no such heights of composing skill are exhibited on this 2 track demo. The most derivative of pop basslines opens the first song here, before being joined by a dirty vocal, which struggles to actually hold its tune, and a simple, picked guitar line. The chorus hears the vocalist (presumably Peter) singing in falsetto "She's a staaaaaaaaaaaaar", with more than a nod to the James song of the same name. Deni might well be a star, but it won't have been through having this song sung about her.
'Song For Tom' is a story about a guy who's not around anymore, the chorus moaning "Goodbye my friend" through soft, very ordinary vocals and a standard guitar, bass and drums back up. Whether the song is a goodbye through Tom's death or just a falling out, without meaning to be insensitive, there doesn't appear to be any emotion attached to anything in the song anyway.

All round, then, a very weak two songs indeed: weak vocals, weak lyrics, weak musicianship and weak songwriting, topped of by an unassuming production. It might be that 'Song For Tom' was actually recorded in earnest as a coping method for whatever trauma it was, and Peter thought "To hell with it", bashed out another song in 20 minutes and called it a demo to send out to potential suitors. I can't see there being many.