Lady Of The Sunshine - Smoking Gun

Beckie Jordan 27/02/2009

Rating: 5/5

Deceptively offered as potential hot new band Lady Of The Sun, 'Smoking Gun' is actually Australian alt music aficionado Angus Stone's first solo offering. Co- produced with collaborator 'Finn' (Govinda Doyle) the album was recorded over 6 weeks throughout 2008 in an old water tank in the sweltering hills of North Queensland, Australia.

'Smoking Gun' has a melancholy and pensive feel, with stripped down rhythm and blues, alt folk whimsy and searing vocals. 'Home Sweet Home' is a quaint offering, harking back to days long forgotten, backed up with a choir from his old primary school. 'White Rose Parade' is one of the more heavier offerings on the album, balancing out the more acoustic and introspective tracks with good effect. 'Jack Nimble' is a reflective affair, with haunting guitar riffs telling the tale of a man whose heart has taken over his world and 'Anna' is a wistful acoustic account of a girl who has lost her way.

Stone's amalgamation of different styles from folk to stripped down blues gives the album a refreshingly raw and natural appeal, resonating inside the head long after the last note is played. Normally performing with his sister Julia to critical acclaim, this first solo outing is outstanding and inspired and deserves enthusiastic approval.

The album is released on April 6th