Enter Shikari - Destabilise

Alex Yau 15/12/2010

Rating: 4/5

Enter Shikari have had their highs and lows. Debut Take to the Skies brought trance-core, the equivalent of Bullet For My Valentine on LSD at a rave, to the mainstream metal scene. Rather than sign for a commercial label, Ambush Reality was set-up, creating a DIY ethic for the band. Common Dreads proved to be the common difficult second album, criticised for some of Rou Reynolds's vocal direction; it was almost as if Mike Skinner had raped the band. Destabilise is the first taste of the band's upcoming third album.

The track is a merging of positives from both Take to the Skies and Common Dreads. The anthemic choruses compliment the OK, Time for Plan B-esque elbow on the head, hammering drop downs. The sinister, turbulent dubstep synths vortexes and stutters alongside the eccentric and straining falsetto of Rou Reynolds's lethal screams. The conversational Skinner raps are replaced with an increasing flurry of punchy raps, though Destabilise does fall down sporadically, with synths sounding rather weak in some parts like an old Nokia tone or a toy keyboard.

There's a filthy sort of malevolence to this, however, and gives a good taste of what the new album may sound like.