Scouting For Girls - It’s Not About You EP

L.A. Bryan 25/06/2007

Rating: 2.5/5

Scouting for Girls look (and sound) like such nice boys. Of course, much like in the world of relationships where nice boys are frequently overlooked, nice boys in nice bands often lack enough edge or proficiency or severalty to move beyond mere mediocrity. Such is the case with Scouting for Girls' first single, “It's Not About You”.

There will almost assuredly be an audience for this - the track is pleasant enough, the singing and instrumental talents entirely adequate. But there is nothing in “It's Not About You” that commands attention. It's as much background music as it is Top 40 countdown material. The video parallels the song's title and lyrics, chronicling vocalist/keys player Roy Stride's multiple dates with bored, self-absorbed and heinously rude women. It's amusing the first few times, but after that you'll focus on Stride's oh-so-earnest expressions and start wondering if this could possibly be the guy to rival and surpass even Fran Healy's please-like-me-I'm-a-nice-guy shtick. Or, well, that's what I thought about, in any case . . .

Not offensive, but nothing to write home about. Although on second thought, your mum will probably dig it.

Released: 25/06/2007