Lovvers - Think

Alex Skinner 27/10/2008

Rating: 3.5/5

Punk rocking around like: punk rock wild fire, Lovvers release a seven song LP that is quick and easy to swindle through being only 13 minutes of quality. On first listens, you're charmingly befuddled by this raw sound. When you listen again, it's the realisation that everything in society is fucked, so fuck everything (like the last days of Rome).

It's a mess of noisy sound that seems to work within these songs that bound quicker than mongooses that blitzkrieg past the next fast track. Confused? You should be. A few tracks are worthy of mention 'Human Hair' breaks you in gently with thrashing fighting spirit. Then 'Teenage Shutdown' allows you to pretend to be a rebellious teenager again, listening to The Ramones for the first time. 'Talk Cheap' is again snappy and fast paced enough to make you gag for more of the same. I wish the tracks were a little longer to really appreciate them more but hey. Some tracks sound similar but they show an outright commendable, steely grit and raw determination.

Lovvers released 'Think' on the 29th of September.