The Colours EP

Richard Wink 02/03/2010

Rating: 5/5

Comprising of two Finns named Tapio and Matt, on name alone you'd reckon that Zebra and Snake would provide a bountiful sound feast. That is if you work on the theory that any band with a type of animal in its name provides a seal of musical quality - Grizzly Bear, Bearsuit, Animal Collective, Cat Stevens, Cat Power etc. etc.

The thing that amazed me after listening to this EP is that it appears none of the tastemakers are currently rubbing themselves over this fantastic duo. Going by the evidence on this EP- beginning with the ridiculously decadent electro romp of 'Erika Kohut', where Gary Numan infiltrates a haunted house only to get fisted by a nitrated-up Adam Ant- it appears we are in for a treat. "She hurts me and she hurts herself" echoes in the gloom.

Astounding, words cannot describe how fresh they've made the eighties sound. If we are to regress then please let's do it like this. The foggy claustrophobia on 'Healing Music' is genuinely unsettling "I can see you / you can't see me". 'The Colours' provides the kind of camp theatre that Empire of the Sun can only dream of, a light box antidote to the shades of grey.

Equal parts trashy and kitsch, Zebra and Snake also possess a sense of irony. 'The Dog' is arguably one of the most ridiculous songs I have ever heard, it reminds me of those kind of stories you read about pit-bulls savaging small children, but if it was reported on The Day Today by Ted Maul with a synth accompaniment. Utterly brilliant.