Clytem Scanning - EP

Owain Paciuszko 30/01/2011

Rating: 4/5

This four track EP from Parisian singer/songwriter/programmer Clytem Scanning begins with the synthy 90s dance feel of Taiga, there are elements of Bjork circa Post in the atmospheric collage of electro clutter and it has a strong thudding bassline underpinning everything. Her voice is pleasingly rich and evocative, strong on the grimy Tricky-like Massue, moving from a soft and seductive growl to high eerie wails on the choruses. The way she uses electronic elements to create a lush, cinematic soundscape is similar to soundtrack composer Eric Serra and his experimental forays into poppier territory.

Palace of the Other opens with a deliciously quirky percussion, punctuated by strange synthy hiccups, before turning into a suitably ornate and regal number. At times it shifts into a pantomime of menace, but for the large part it's a bitter and beautiful ballad.

Closing track In the Light of Moebius refers to French comic artist Jean Giraud who famously worked on Alien and The Fifth Element, the track is an elegant arch number like a scatty dance remix of an Annie Lennox track and it's as enjoyable as everything on this somewhat retro-modern EP. The combination of Scanning's voice and her inventive production is an excellent fit, the occasionally harsh beats and synths contrasting wonderfully by her adaptive and soothing vocals.