Eugene McGuinness - Fonz

Neil Watts 02/02/2009

Rating: 3/5

There is no doubting that Eugene McGuinness is talented, you just have to listen to his vocal gymnastics for proof, but at times there is a faint whiff of the 'know it all; about him. He skates a thin line between innovative brilliance and being too clever for his own good. Upon seeing the title of this, his latest single, there is an initial pang of fear that he has fallen into the latter. Thankfully, for both us and him, it bears little resemblance to the Happy Days character that it shares a name with.

Again, the major draw is his warping vocals and unusual time changes, sounding more and more like a chorister that has been possessed by a slowed down version of The Spinto Band's Nick Krill. Fonz is light hearted and less romanticised than anything else he has previously produced, and as a result it probably should have seen light as a b-side.

Release date: 16/02/09