Cherry Ghost, No Age - Singles Round-Up - 30/08/2010

Chris Stanley 03/09/2010

From the deepest recesses of the minds of those old and powerful enough to witness the beginning of all things, they would have seen the matter and particles crash and explode as they collide into each other. Amongst this majesty of light and colour extraordinarily hot gases expand pushing the Universe to elasticise; here the beginning of existence is born.

Gravity begins to pull the random floating rocks together and amongst the biggest of these becomes the Earth's core, lava begins its colossal flow creating our crust and the formation of water sparks, the first sparks of organisms. From here the bacteria begins to evolve into minute creatures who eventually grow fins and gills and who formulate the beginnings of the human existence. The billions of years process was over seen by the ever existing and never faltering *coughs* God is in the TV zine singles round up. (GIITTV has never and never will claim to be have been there at the beginning of creation and if it had strange occurrences such as Rasmus, liquorice and the nth term wouldn't have been allowed or at the very least explained.)

But in all seriousness it is certainly time for a GIITTV singles round up and first up are veteran indie rockers Feeder. They have never hit the scaling heights of my favourite band, rather they have settled in a comfortable area of indifference which brings me nicely to 'Renegades,' a run of the mill rock tune that#s instantly forgettable but manages to trickle through the synapses and persist in making my foot tap. Which is more than I can say for the car crash that is Motion City Sound Track; back in the days before pop punk evolved into Emo there was a lot of trash from that genre and I used to love some of it (remember New Found Glory?) but this track is uninspired arse gravy.

But don't worry there is always a glimmer of hope in the swirling cosmos of the singles round up. The Like are more than worthy of appearing here with their tune 'Wishing He was Dead' a sound from 1960s girl groups and the lyrical familiarity of the Long Blondes, not bad for a Mark Ronson produced record which features members of Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. From the organ styles deep within the Casino Club to the English Woodland where Goodnight Lenin offer up 'Crook in the Creek' which is a wonderful mandolin laden track. However, the vocals can be weedy and tiresome.

American garage noise is beginning to become the 'cool' and 'hip' genre at the moment raising its head from the geeks and nerds collective who followed the material with such enthusiasm you could forgive them for being a little narked that everybody loves their band, but with tracks like No Age's 'Glitter' it comes as little surprise. True to form, 'Glitter' is a tirade of carefully structured noises and cement curdling drums put together with the care of a band higher than simple noise pop.

Other notable releases to gorge ourselves on include, Gallops, Strange Death of Liberal England, Eels and The Cribs


From the same mind set of Elbow and Doves fellow Mancunians Cherry Ghost seemed to simmer back underground after a quiet period followed their debut Thirst for Romance. Their recent single 'Black Fang' though is a perfect display of pounding drums and heavy hearted lyrics, but manages to stay focused on a cheerier outlook. Production and song writing this heartfelt and perfect. Hopefully Cherry Ghost will rise back into the public domain with their charming, noir driven and heartfelt songs, this encapsulates the band in one perfect tune.

10 Black Fang.mp3 by cooperativemusicuk