Los Campesinos! - Death to Los Campesinos!

Dan Round 04/02/2008

Rating: 4.5/5

Hold on now, youngster! There's no bland lad-rock here! This, of course, is the year of Los Campesinos! and “Death to…” heralds in the new year at last. A band stripped of stereotypical guitar-band commodities, this third release is the first from their superb up-and-coming debut long-player, and it doesn't disappoint. It may even nudge ahead of “You! Me! Dancing!”

Re-recorded and ever-so-slightly altered since the original demo E.P version back in 2006, “Death to Los Campesinos!” sounds as exhilarating as ever. Opening with a lone(ly), gritty guitar the song kicks off nine seconds in with an extensive collision of instruments and a shared vocal for lead singers Aleksandra and Gareth. “Peasant child, you're into botany/splitting necks and calling the dichotomy” Gareth exclaims as the melodies twist and turn and the frantic pace rolls on. Raging guitars, shouty yet lucid backing vocals and a churning keyboard provide the song with its signature sound, and in a snappy 2 minutes 50 seconds it's all over without drawing a breath.

“Death to Los Campesinos!” is just as indie-pop was originally intended; sharp, intelligent, danceable, brimming with melody and rough around the edges. What a song!

Now! Roll! On! The tour!

Watch the videohere

Death to Los Campesinos! is released on 18th of February