Pet Shop Boys - Minimal

Emily Tartanella 31/07/2006

Rating: 3/5

Bearing in mind the recent surge of electro-poppers, it's only fair to pay tribute to one of the forerunners. But the rule is 'kill your idols,' and even if you didn't exactly idolize PSB, their influence on today's lush, well-produced dance tunes is tangible. So viewing this single outside of the band's history, it manages to stand on its own. Precariously. “Minimal” pulls off New Order doing New Order while New Order plays in the background, all the while laced with asinine lyrics (“An empty box/An open space/A single thought/Leaves a trace”) and a subdued yet still danceable beat. Even if it lacks the lust, irony, or downright intelligence of some earlier tracks, there's enough ice cold glamour to fill a floor or two. And what with Flowers and co. going all butch on us, we could use a decent club beat.

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